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BY: Ciaran Willis

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What is ESG?

ESG is a framework to assess if businesses are making the world a more sustainable place (Environment), having a positive effect on the community (Social), and creating a fair and honest workplace (Governance).

It is a way to judge if a company is really making a positive difference. It also helps us understand if an organisation is following its values – if it walks the talk.

By working together with LDN London you will discover new perspectives, learn about your community, and turn meeting your ESG goals into much more than a box-ticking exercise.

Why work with LDN for your Social impact goals?

Social goals are one of the foundations of ESG. LDN London can partner with you to spearhead social change in London’s communities.

Social impact includes things like supporting the local community, volunteering, championing inclusion and diversity, social justice, and being a fair employer.

Meet your ESG target and initiatives

We have the experience to help you with this. As a charity which has supported people with learning disabilities in London for 60 years and spanning five boroughs, LDN London is at the heart of London communities. We have a deep understanding of the people we support and how to help them live fulfilling lives.

Building connections in the community

We support people with learning disabilities and help them to live with freedom and choice, just like everyone should be able to. Our teams support people every day in London – in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Camden, Islington and Harrow – to be more included in their local community, to do activities, and join in the daily rhythms and interactions that make London the vibrant city it is.

Tackle inequalities in the community

Learning disability is also one of the most overlooked areas of social justice: People with learning disabilities have been named as one of the most disadvantaged groups in the country by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

They face entrenched inequalities. For instance, currently less than 5% of people with learning disabilities have jobs and there are many barriers to finding work and being included in the workplace.

As well, people with learning disabilities face stark health inequalities. Currently the average age of death for a person with a learning disability is around 62 years, compared to around 80 for a person who does not have a disability.

Organisations that support people with learning disabilities in the community and embrace neurodiversity in the workforce will be setting themselves apart and leading important, long-overdue change.

Have a positive impact on adults and children with learning disabilities

LDN London supports people for many years. We help families of young children receive a vital early diagnosis and give them the right support at a crucial time in their development.

We help adults with intellectual disabilities to learn skills and follow their ambitions throughout their lives. We provide sessions and advice at our Community Hub, from cooking and nutrition to wellbeing support and relationship advice, which are key to long-lasting physical and emotional benefits. These long-lasting relationships also help to prevent and reduce social isolation.

This means your business can build a strong relationship with us and the people we support. We want to build trust with the organisations we partner with and for them to be able to be able to understand what we do and the impact they make.

After all, the biggest changes come from working together. We can’t change the public’s perceptions of what a learning disability is and show them all the things that a person with a learning disability can do without supporters helping us educate the wider public and being part of that change.

We can’t change workplace culture and overcome barriers to jobs for people unless employers take the lead and support people with learning disabilities in jobs.

The investment you make goes a long way – improving the lives of vulnerable people, and showing your commitment to social change.

By working with LDN London for your Environmental, Social and Governance requirements, you can make your community a less lonely, more inclusive, and equal place for people with learning disabilities. You will also undoubtedly have fun, meet great people and get a different perspective on the world.

Email Ciaran on to receive your Corporate Partnership Pack and find out more about working together with LDN London.  


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