“It is a bit difficult with a learning disability, but I try my hardest”: Janine talks about her job in catering

BY: Ciaran Willis

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Janine is 40 and has two part-time jobs in catering.

She serves food at Daylight, a centre which supports people with learning disabilities, and at a local primary school.

We have been talking to people we support to highlight the fact that only 4.8 per cent of people with a learning disability have a paid job. 

Tell me about the jobs you do, please?

I work in the kitchen. We wash up the plates, the cutlery, disinfect everything, and put everything away; then lock up, go home, sign out. I do like the job. I finish on time, and I get everything done.

What do you enjoy about it?

I like washing, getting everything done, swept, everything locked up, and everything put away.

Would you like to work more hours?

I prefer to instead of part time, to do full time. Full time you earn more than part-time. I don’t like part time. I want to change my day around… I don’t do anything else. I’d like to earn more.

Do you find it difficult with money?

I’d like to have a bit more money. Paying out what I get now doesn’t feel much. If I earned more, I’d probably buy myself a new pair of trainers because I take men’s size, size 9. That’s what fits my feet. It’s very hard to find a size 9 in women’s size. I’d buy Reeboks.

Do you find your job difficult?

I’ve got a learning disability. I struggle with words sometimes and I don’t understand sometimes. I feel very hard to understand.

It is a bit difficult with a learning disability, but I try my hardest to do everything and it has to be done. The floor has to be done, the sweeping, mopping, everything. You can’t have a dirty floor left in there

What is your ideal job?

I wanted to be a waitress. I’m good with food.


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