“I am good at putting one foot in front of the other”: Ben is ready to run the marathon for LDN London

BY: Ciaran Willis

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Ben Clay is a team manager at LDN London and is running The Brighton Marathon to raise money for our Community Hub.
You can sponsor Ben through his fundraising page.

We talked to Ben about the run:

Why are you running the Brighton Marathon for LDN London?  

Running has become very important to me over the past few years. Of course, it helps keep me physically fit. But my main motivation is that it keeps me mentally on form too. It’s a way of processing things slowly and steadily, and makes a huge difference to my wellbeing. I would suggest it to anyone looking for a way to look after themselves!

Last year I set myself the target of running 1000km over the year, which I hit the day before Christmas Eve!! So, the challenge for this year was to run a marathon. It was a no-brainer to raise money for people we support at the same time.

What difference will the money you raise make?

I love how the Hub has developed, and this year it seems to have grown even more. There are some fantastic sessions taking place. We all know how important a sense of community is and having access to wide social networks – both for support staff and for the people we support. It’s an essential place.

How is your training going?

Training has been going well… although I just had a take 10 days out with a muscle strain. But I am back to the long runs again now. I need to do 2 runs that are longer than 20 miles before race day on 7 April. I am slightly daunted, but doing those will mean I know it’ll be fine on the day.

How much of a challenge is this for you?

It’s a big challenge. I’ve run half marathons before but not the big one. Still, I am confident it will all be fine. I am good at putting one foot in front of the other. I just need to do that 52,000 times in a row!

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks to all those who have supported me with sponsorship so far. I am still hoping to build on this before race day, so if anyone else can help that’d be grand!

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