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Rainbow Family Centre

Painting at Rainbow Nursery

BY: Emma Russell


We have provided services for disabled children and their families for over 50 years.  The Rainbow Family Centre has been in its present location for 20 years, providing specialist support for Westminster’s most vulnerable children.


Rainbow is home to a unique nursery for mainstream children alongside children with special needs, in an inclusive and integrated early years setting. The nursery provides targeted specialist help and delivers proactive support for disabled children at the age that matters most and it aims to reduce the need for longer term and costly interventions in the future.

The Rainbow Family Centre, leased from Westminster Council, in which we have invested close to £2M of our charitable funds to provide additional specialist support for the carers of disabled children in Westminster.


Due to council funding pressures Westminster Council is currently reviewing the funding for our Rainbow Nursery. This funding review will be concluded by early 2017.

We very much appreciate the funding pressures facing local authorities and the difficult decisions that have to be taken. However the potential withdrawal of this essential funding would be devastating for the future provision of nursery services for profoundly disabled children and their families in Westminster.

We are working together with the council to develop alternative options and solutions for this shortfall in funding, but remain very concerned about the future of this much loved nursery.

“We hope that appropriate funding will be allocated to the nursery so that the future of the Rainbow Family Centre is secured for the long term. This is vital to ensure support at the earliest possible point for disabled children and their families living in Westminster.”

Gabby CEO

Playing on the slide at Rainbow Nursery


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