LDN London’s quiz champions: Interview with Graham, John and Michael

BY: Ciaran Willis

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Every year LDN London holds a Christmas quiz for people we support. For the past three years the winners have been the team from Kelly Street in Kentish Town.

Graham, John, and Michael, who live in LDN’s supported living flat on a street of pastel-coloured houses in North London, once again won in 2023. “It was brilliant”, John said.

The team take the quiz seriously – as if they were taking part in a TV show. They practised three or four times a week before the competition, they said, asking each other quiz questions or playing trivia games.

In the living room at the flat which they share there are lots of games and quizzes stacked on coffee tables, or half-open (probably because they have been playing recently!).

The TV in the living room is usually showing quiz shows, Michael says.Graham’s favourite is Countdown, while John enjoys The Chase.

Each member of the team has a favourite quiz topic that they know a lot about, so they cover lots of subjects.

Michael has amazing knowledge of films and actors. His favourite films include Star Wars and The Hangover, and he is a big fan of Ryan Reynolds. He got some of this passion for films from a support worker, Michael McIntyre (not the comedian), who enjoyed watching films with him and telling him about the characters.

John loves music and has the pop music round covered. He particularly enjoys songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s. He watched The Beach Boys at the Royal Albert Hall about five years ago, he says.

Graham is brilliant at spelling. He loves to watch Countdown, and solves the ‘Countdown Conundrum’ before everyone else. He is also a Liverpool Football Club fan and enjoys the sports round.

The team are looking forward to the next LDN quiz – they have asked that the questions are made a bit harder for them next time!



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