Artists of LDN feature in newspaper calendar

BY: Ciaran Willis

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Five people LDN London supports recently had their art featured in a newspaper calendar.

Amita, Danny, Matthew and Tim created pieces for different months of the year in the pullout 2024 calendar for the Camden New Journal.

The calendar was created together by the charity ActionSpace with the north London local newspaper.

ActionSpace is a visual arts organisation in London that supports learning disabled artists.

Amita, Danny, Mark, Matthew and Tim are all accomplished artists, who regularly go to art classes at ActionSpace’s Cockpit Bloomsbury studio.

This is the third calendar the Camden New Journal and ActionSpace have made and highlights twelve artists who create with ActionSpace.

Congratulations to the artists and to both ActionSpace and the Camden New Journal for the project.

Find out more about ActionSpace:

Image credits: Images courtesy of the Artist and ActionSpace.


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