The Westminster Society soon to be…..

LDN London (Learning Disability Network London)

5 years ago after a wide ranging consultation exercise with everyone involved in the Society, we embarked on a programme of rebranding.

We started by changing our logo and introducing the concept of the Learning Disability Network for London.

We are now ready to take the final step in the rebranding programme with a full name change from The Westminster Society to LDN London (Learning Disability Network London).

This new name reflects our ambition to be the organisation of choice for learning disabled Londoners and we believe is more descriptive of what we do and are what we trying to achieve.

LDN has a defined approach to maximise access to mainstream services, making use of the wide range of opportunities London has to offer.

We aim to improve the quality and range of our services and make use of the benefit our Network can bring to learning disabled Londoners and their families.

We are very exicited about the next stage of our development as an organisation.

We are planning to officially change our name in October 2020 during a launch week with a number of events celebrating our new name and focus.

Timeline of the Westminster Society