LDN London made sure Jackie could spend her last days the way she wanted

Jackie lived in one of our supported living houses for many years. She was much loved by the team who supported her and her large family.

When her health began to worsen in 2020 and 2021, her family and the team had to make difficult decisions about what to do at the end of her life. They knew that Jackie wanted to be in her home surrounded by the people and things she loved. And they worked together to make sure this happened.

Jackie rallied and her health improved. Her strength and determination to make the most of her life was clear. But sadly, her health deteriorated again.

Despite Jackie’s wish to be at home when she passed away, it can be difficult to carry out people’s desires for the end of their life. The practicalities of a hospital and the need to give someone urgent medical care is prioritised.

But our team and Jackie’s family were strong advocates for her. Jackie spent her last moments in January 2022 at home, free of pain and distress and surrounded by her family.

Her death was peaceful and happened in the way she wanted. But it could have been different: Peggy and her team could have taken the easy route of letting her go to hospital.

But they took the more difficult and meaningful option. They supported Jackie, never compromising on her welfare, meeting her needs, and respecting her wishes.

Without LDN London, Jackie would not have had such a dignified and peaceful death.