Our archive discovery-Freddy Mercury and Royal Ballet fundraiser

BY: Laurence Swan


We have been searching through our archives recently as we prepare for our next fundraiser and for our upcoming rebrand. We were astonished when we came across a newspaper cutting that featured an article about a fundraising gala that we had hosted at the London Coliseum back in 1979.

The finale of the evening was none other than Freddy Mercury dancing with The Royal Ballet to Bohemian Rhapsody! We even managed to find some footage of the performance.


‘As I’m sure you can imagine, Mercury’s performance was highly praised and even impressed the stuffy ballet regulars at the sold-out event’

We are very proud of what our tireless fundraisers achieved in our early years, they were instrumental in making us the organisation we are today as we continue to support people with learning disabilities and their families in London.


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