Black History Month 2023, Inspiring Black Women: Q and A with Christine

BY: Ciaran Willis


What does Black History Month mean to you?

It is a time to formally celebrate the rich diversity of friends, colleagues, place of work, family friends and the world. It means sharing opportunities and experiences and making individuals and communities feel valued and appreciated.


The theme of Black History Month 2023 is celebrating black women – Saluting Our Sisters. Which black woman inspires you?

Baroness Doreen Lawrence – I have had the immense pleasure of meeting her and find it hugely inspirational that she has used her personal tragedy and experience to do such great work . She is the epitome of courage and hope.


Which black woman in the care sector do you admire?

Annie Brewster – one of the first afro-Caribbean nurses, known as “nurse ophthalmic”. She did work treating patients with eye conditions.


Do we have racial equality in the care sector? 

We are working towards it. There is still inequality as there are still areas of non inclusion and under and non-representation.


Do you think we need to do more to create equality for staff and patients in health and social care?

Equality is about ensuring that ‘every individual has the opportunity to make the most of their skills and talents’, as well as ensuring there is fair representation, inclusion and involvement. There is always more that can be done as equality is a process not a destination.


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