Sami's Story

Hello, my name is Sami, I’ve been with the Westminster Society for 2 years now, I work in Early Years as Lunchtime Cover, as a Youth Worker for LDN Islington and as a Short Breaks Sessional Worker.

I came to know the Westminster Society as my brother, who is autistic, attended the nursery in the late 1990’s. We also both attended the playscheme during the half-term which was fun and I have kept many good memories. Soon my brother was attending the Youth Scheme and I was studying in college. I then came to hear that the Westminster Society was recruiting Sessional Workers, so I applied. Since then my confidence grown and continues to grow. When I was young, I thought my brother was the only child with autism, but when I got to know other children who had similar needs, it got me more interested to learn more. For this I went on to study Health and Social Care at college, which helped my confidence to grow.

Since I began working for the Westminster Society, my confidence with working alongside children with needs has grown so much more, and maybe, who knows, it might even push me to become a manager someday? The Westminster Society has been around most of my life and has helped my family with a lot of things throughout the years. I see myself working in the Westminster Society as a way of saying thank you. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a burden; the staff here are great, I have grown close to some of them, some of them still remember me from when I was 6 years old. The children and young people are a joy to work with; sometimes they can be challenging, but, they always leave you with a smile and I always say to myself “it’s never a dull day here in the Westminster Society”.