I love my job as a Support Worker

BY: Emma Russell


Being a Support Worker is the best job I have ever had

Hear from Zack about becoming a Support Worker at LDN London and why he loves his job:

“I’ve been working as a support worker for LDN London for just over a year now. After a bad experience working in a very low standard care home when I was younger, I was afraid to re-enter care. One day I saw the job opportunity online and I was intrigued- the way the post was worded just resonated with me. I decided to do some research, and the website inspired me to apply. I loved the testimonials from the service users. To have the people receiving support and care at the forefront of the organisation was something I hadn’t seen before, but something that is definitely needed and so important. That really drew me to LDN London. I think a lot of care facilities state the same things again and again to me, it comes across as insincere. But LDN- The Westminster Society at the time- just had a way of wording things that I really connected with, and I could tell they were genuinely passionate about the services they provide. I also have to mention the “day in the life of a support worker” segment. I loved how unique it was, and it actually made me excited just to apply. I remember clicking through the slides and picturing myself going through the day.

I can say with absolute certainty that this is the best job I’ve ever had. One of the first things I noticed was that at my service, the service users each have an activity chart containing two activities per day, including extras such as online activities, reading groups, massage, relaxation time, and so on. They have the freedom to change these any time they like, or decline to participate if they prefer. Activities are catered specifically to and led by each individual and their likes, dislikes, hobbies, goals, wants and needs. When I started my employment and first saw this, I was absolutely overjoyed. The care home I had worked at before had offered no activities at all, except for watching TV.

The care and support provided by us at LDN is so detailed, in-depth and covers everything you could imagine. I don’t think there’s anything that hasn’t been thought of when it comes to people’s needs. From personal care routines, to activities, days out and holidays, the support we provide is so thorough. It is so person-centred. Some days, someone might not want to go to the park, or go for a bus ride, and that’s totally fine. Someone might not want to eat what is on the menu plan- and that’s totally fine too. It’s the things we perceive as simple that make such a massive difference to the people we support.

I am so grateful and thankful that organisations like LDN London exist. I am so passionate about equality and personal empowerment, and being a part of something like this is incredible. I genuinely have fun at my job- I actively look forward to it each day!”

Zack, Support Worker

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