LDN Mythbusters

Sophie P

Sophie lives in Camden with five of her friends. She plays a big part in the Camden learning disability community, and everyone knows her.

New people who meet Sophie (including doctors and nurses, who should know better) are always so surprised to learn that she lives an active life – with holidays, parties, dance and music classes, concerts, plays and much more.

Sophie likes:
David Bowie, Tom Daley, audiobooks, balloons, sunshine, rugby players, fashion, lights

What myth does Sophie bust?

The idea that people with profound and multiple disabilities stay in bed all day and can’t have fun.

That’s certainly not true!

Written by Hannah Overton, team manager 


Sarah Jane enjoys looking good, having a nice time with friends and meeting people. She is sociable and likes going out.

She likes it when her family visits and also talking to them on the phone.

She enjoys going to College.

And she has a good sense of humour.


Sarah Jane likes: 

Dressing up, Bingo, Bowling, Parties, Baking, St Patrick’s Day and Christmas


What myth does Sarah Jane bust?

That people who are less independent cannot have a good quality of life.

Written by Bola Fashina, Team manager

We were inspired by Mencap’s brilliant Mythbusters campaign: https://www.mencap.org.uk/mythbusters